Drone Service

Construction Progress

Capturing Construction Progress

Drones are the best companions for efficient monitoring of the progress of construction activities. Space Drone, a reputed Drone Filming Company in Dubai provides high-quality footage of the construction site.

We offer the best quality drones for providing the clients with Aerial Construction Progress videos of different cycles of construction activities.

The Aerial Inspection Service enables the investors and engineering team for quick decision making and regular review of the progress of the work.

Drone Monitoring to Accelerate Construction Work

Improve the workflow with real-time reporting and monitoring of the work progress. Drone Construction Progress Update by our drone team can help you plan future activities after reviewing the progress and shortcomings.

Our team provides you with accurate drone survey reports and shares data online to ensure accuracy in measurement. Get detailed analysis and reports based on processed data to ensure proper directions to workers.
We offer different Drones for Construction progress monitoring. Our Inspire 2 with 20.8 MP JEPG/DNG and DL Mount 2.8 Lenses guarantee you a clear vision of the progress. Heavy Lifter M600 Pro with talkbacks and Canon 5DSR 50 MP payload will offer flawless footage and reports.

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