Drone Service

Industrial Inspection

Drone Service

Industrial Inspection

A Drone Service provider in UAE, Space Drone, offers a complete Aerial Solution to the clients to manage inspections. Drone filming is a cost-effective method to manage visual inspection of different sites. 

The visual inspection method is highly beneficial to manage Industrial and Infrastructure Inspections in difficult to reach locations. The unmanned system will safely trace the damages and defects. 

Focus beyond limits:

  • Natural Gas, Chemical and other Industrial Storage Tanks
  • Solar Panels and Solar Farms
  • Wind Turbines and Wind Farms
  • Power Lines
  • Agriculture
  • Road, infrastructure and construction inspections 
  • Cell Towers
  • Fire fighting
  • Search and Rescue

High-quality Industrial Drones, equipped with thermal imaging sensors, assure a quick and efficient Inspection Service to the clients. A confined Space Inspection System, a leading Aerial Inspection support system, replaces manual inspection without affecting the upshot.

Our trained team visits the industrial site and carries out an Aerial Inspection of assets and a site survey. Safety is our priority during every flight.

We’re the leading Drone Companies in Dubai that provide the client with raw drone data and analysed data. The client can integrate the data into the system they are using. 

Be sure to access timely information on equipment maintenance and repair at the industrial site by partnering with Space Drone. 

A sophisticated and fast-track inspection at a lower cost is what Space Drone offers to clients in Dubai.

Drone Kit

  • DJI M 300 RTK

    DJI M 300 RTK

    New standard for Industrial drone solution
    With Multiple payload option for Survey & Inspection.

    Max Flight Time – 55 Min / Battery
    IP45 rating
    -20°C to 50°C Operating Temperature
    6 Directional Sensing & Positioning

    Payload Camera
    Zenmuse H20T
    20 MP Zoom Camera
    12 MP Wide Camera
    1200 m LRF
    640×512px Radiometric Thermal Camera
    Night Mode

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