Drone Service

Real Estate

Drone Service

Real Estate

Real Capture for Real Estate

Top the Real Estate industry with the finest images and videos of the property. Standing out in the real estate industry is possible by offering a better impression of the property to the potential buyers. Space Drone, one of the leading Drone Companies in UAE, gives you an edge in the highly competitive market with engaging visual support and captivating images.  

The drone has been a favourite tool for the big real estate business for a long period. Technological advancements are giving a boost to Drone operations in the sector. Our Heavy Lifter M600 Pro and Inspire 2 guarantees high quality visual support for your business.

Space Drone offers you extensive support at a reduced cost. Our efficient and creative team is equipped to give you the best visual treat that you can extend to your clients. 

Give Real Impression to Real Estate Clients

Real estate is not just about developing an extraordinary property. It is the art of projecting the property the right way to capture the attention of potential buyers. Capitalise on the evolving technologies and Drone View of Properties to top the real estate marketplace. 

Give your client the first-hand experience even though they fail to visit the site in person. The engaging aerial view of real estate sites will give a real-life experience to the buyers.

Drone Kit

  • Inspire 2

    Inspire 2

    6K Video (Prores)
    20.8 MP JPEG/ DNG
    94 KM/HR Max Speed
    DJI X7
    Lenses – DL Mount 2.8 (16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm)
    480 GB SSD x 3
    Polar Pro PLND Kit (4,6,8,16)
    Talk Backs x 4
    Battery x 9 SETS
    Chargers x 4
    Backup System

  • Mavic 3 (Budget)

    Mavic 3 (Budget)

    5K 30fps, 4K 120fps
    H.264 / H.265 200 Mbps
    10-Bit Dlog-M or HDR output
    20.8 MP JPEG/ DNG - Hasselblad lens
    72 kph maximum speed
    Backup System

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