Drone Service

Drone Lighting for Filming

Light up your dream project with our smart drone lights. Quality drone lighting support offered by Space Drone helps you capture all your exciting night scenes with visual quality and perfect light strokes.

Our lighting drones can be switched off and on remotely. The drone can fly up to 120 m high and 600-metre distance, making it possible to light up the area from various angles.

Aerial Lighting Solution for Film Production & Events
Four 120W LED emitters stabilized on Ronin MX Gimbal
Delivering 65,000 Lumens Aerial Light
the brightness equivalent of a 7kW incandescent light
Light can be switched off and On remotely.

Drone Kit

  • Heavy Lifter M600 Pro

    Heavy Lifter M600 Pro

    Talk Backs x 4
    Battery x 6 SETS
    On location charging facility
    Backup System

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